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4 ideal perfumes for the Capricorn woman

4 ideal perfumes for the Capricorn woman

If you were born between the 22nd of December and the 19th of January, you are an intelligent, practical and reserved woman; sure of yourself, you exude a natural elegance.

A true Capricorn protects her privacy and beneath her tough image she hides a sensitive and sweet woman who will be her friends’ best friend, because she will always be there when they need her.

Such an intense and evocative woman needs perfumes that match the level of her fascinating personality. Do you want to discover them?

Perfumes and Zodiac Signs: the Capricorn woman

It might be hard to win a Capricorn woman, but it is worth the effort. The person who gains her love and reaches her interior will discover a sweet and emotional soul, with an intense erotic energy.

A powerful and elegant personality that decides when to let itself be seen.


The infallible choice for a serene but passionate woman: the most iconic perfume, the one Marilyn wore to sleep. All the femininity of this perfume accentuates even more the innate sensuality of the Capricorn woman.

Olfactory Family: Floral Season: Winter Intensity: 3 Recommended Use: Daytime

DIVAIN-130, Perfume similar to Hypnôse by Lancôme

A captivating fragrance for a woman’s most special nights. If you want to give a note of mystery to your image and let people know clearly who is the goddess of the night, this is your fragrance.

Olfactory Family: Oriental Season: Winter Intensity: 2 Recommended Use: Night-time

DIVAIN-146, Perfume similar to Bright Crystal by Versace

The Capricorn woman is strong, decisive and brave. That’s why this fragrance is perfect for her, because it’s daring and bold like her, a woman who doesn’t back down before any difficulty. Don’t hesitate to use it every day to reinforce your attitude toward life. 

Olfactory Family: Floral Fruity Season: Summer Intensity 2 Recommended Use: Daytime

DIVAIN-091, Perfume similar to Alien by Thierry Mugler

An ambitious and empowered woman perfectly backs up a fragrance with personality. Feel the power of your femininity clothed with the woody notes of this unmistakable fragrance.

Olfactory Family: Woody Season: Winter Intensity: 3 Recommended Use: Night-time


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