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4 ideal perfumes for the Capricorn Man

4 ideal perfumes for the Capricorn Man

Beneath his far-away appearance, the Capricorn man hides a fascinating personality; serene with a steady character and very sure of himself. That’s why a Capricorn will always make a great life companion and faithful friend.

Calm and clear by nature, he will be up to any challenge for those he loves, although it may be hard for him to commit himself at first.

A masculine, elegant and loyal man, do you want to know what his ideal fragrance is?

Perfumes and Zodiac Signs: the Capricorn man

A Capricorn man enjoys warmth and calm. He isn’t a fan of noisiness or of risky adventures.

With a Capricorn in your life, affection and serenity are guaranteed. He is elegant and refined, so his perfume will never be scandalous, but instead exquisitely fitted to his peaceful interior.


A balanced fragrance, sweet and fresh at the same time. It is the perfect complement to the serene and manly personality of the Capricorn. A masculine aroma that is only fitting for the man who is very sure of himself.

Olfactive Family: Woody Season: Summer Intensity: 2 Recommended Use: Daytime

DIVAIN-001, Perfume similar to D&G by Dolce & Gabbana

A perfume that provokes sighs and closes the eyes of those it inspires. It carries a subtle touch of elegance and seduction that fits perfectly with the temper of any Capricorn knight.

Olfactive Family: Fougère Season: Autumn Intensity: 2 Recommended Use: Night-time  

DIVAIN-045, Perfume similar to Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

Without doubt, this is one of the best aromas that a Capricorn man can wear. Intense, with character. If you smell this aroma on a man, don’t take your eyes off him: It’s worth seeing the confidence with which he moves ahead.

Olfactive Family: Oriental Season: Winter Intensity: 3 Recommended Use: Night-time

DIVAIN-020, Perfume similar to Hugo by Hugo Boss

A man who knows for sure where he is going and how to get there can allow himself a little rebellious touch with a fragrance that softens his apparent coldness. With this fresh aroma, the Capricorn man reinforces his strong personality and decided character.

Olfactive Family: Fougère Season: Spring Intensity: 2 Recommended Use: Daytime


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