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The 10 perfumes with which you will attract positive energy

10 Perfumes that attract positive energy

In these times more than ever it is necessary to do everything in our power to be positive. To continue maintaining the joy and enthusiasm for living day to day. As things are, a bit complicated, right?

Don't worry, the key lies in paying attention to those little details that make a difference, to those day-to-day actions that can be a boost of energy and optimism, or at least make you feel better.

Although you have not stopped to think about it, perfume is one of them. And it has enormous power. This is not just our thing, as Patrick Süskind already said in his novel El Perfume: “There is in perfume a persuasive force stronger than words, the flash of looks, feelings and will. The persuasive force of perfume cannot be counteracted, it invades us like the air invades our lungs, fills us, saturates us, there is no remedy against it ”.

If you're feeling low, grooming yourself and spraying yourself with a fragrance that draws in positive energy will lift your spirits. Here you have our selection of perfumes that will bring you a very good vibe.

With Issey Miyake, Dolce & Gabbana or Lacoste fragrances you will feel happier



We started our top 10 perfumes that incite joy with DIVAIN-565. And it is that the combination of its notes of lemon, pink pepper, jasmine and white musk, make it a vibrant and super original fragrance.

Throw it on and feel how a magical and joyful aura will envelop you, as if you were in a world of fantasy and color.

Touch of Pink by Lacoste (DIVAIN-132)

Get ready not to be able to remove a smile from ear to ear, because once you apply this fragrance, it will be the only gesture that will come out.

Lacoste Touch of Pinkit manages to be the aroma that best represents vitality thanks to its components, among which fruits such as peach or orange stand out; flowers such as vanilla, jasmine, or violet, or coriander.

Alien by Thierry Mugler (DIVAIN-238)

This fragrance is ideal for the most optimistic men, for men who trust themselves and show it by eating the world.

Thierry Mugler's Alien is an energy boost that will help you keep going even though you find a thousand obstacles along the way.

Happy by Clinique (DIVAIN-095)

Happy by CliniqueIt is the perfume of joy par excellence. Its very name indicates it. It is only suitable for women who love to smile, and for those who enjoy discovering the little details of life that make us enjoy.

A fruity floral fragrance that brings together goodness, joy and harmony in a single bottle.

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana (DIVAIN-053)

You will have a better chance of spending an unforgettable day if as soon as you get out of bed you apply a few drops of Light blue by Dolce & Gabbana, both in its version for women and men.

It is a perfume of joy since its aroma evokes the beauty, strength, immensity and freshness of the ocean.

Gipsy Water by Byredo (DIVAIN-245)

What can bring us more joy and joy in this life than freedom. That unique sensation you feel when you are in harmony with your surroundings and simply let yourself go.

How to approach this wonderful feeling? Well, applying a fragrance like Gipsy Water. Wild and groundbreaking, it will awaken all your senses and make you want to live. Its components evoke the purest nature, the vastness of the forest.

Acqua di Parma by Acqua di Parma (DIVAIN-276)

The unisex Acqua di Parma fragrance will help you better appreciate the importance of the little things in life. Luminous and energetic, it is an excellent combination of the more masculine notes such as vetiver, sandalwood or rosemary; and the most feminine ones like lavender, white musk or Bulgarian rose.

Never has a unisex fragrance been so pure and sophisticated.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt by Jo Malone (DIVAIN-297)

Another happy perfume that is designed for both women and men. And it is happy because it evokes long and hot summer days at the beach. Wood Sage will make you feel the sea breeze on your face.

The floral and aquatic olfactory family perfumes are fresh and revitalizing

L'Eau d'Issey by Issey Miyake (DIVAIN-109)

Both its version for women and L'Eau d'Issey by Issey Miyake for men (DIVAIN-029) will give you a feeling of unequaled peace and balance. But not a peace and balance that relaxes you, no. They will provide you with a peace and balance with your being, which will make you feel so comfortable with yourself that you will want to make a thousand plans and all the tasks that you always have on the “To do List”.

 An instant injection of vitality and strength.

Pleasures for Men by Estée Lauder (DIVAIN-278)

Last but not least, we want to introduce you to Pleasures for Men by Estée Lauder. A fragrance that will give you a boost of optimism that will help you face the most difficult moments.

Grapefruit, coriander, nectarine, pepper, geranium, lavender, ginger or bell pepper are some of the components that you can find in this pleasant perfume for men.

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