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4 ideal perfumes for the Aquarius woman

4 ideal perfumes for the Aquarius woman

Astrologers say that Aquarius women are the most beautiful out of all the Zodiac, and part of their attraction is their striking character.

Bohemian, independent and thoughtful, a woman of this sign will jealously guard her true personality for those who take the time to discover it.

Never try to tie down an Aquarian, because you’ll destroy the essence of her spirit.

Instead, look at her: it’s worth the effort to learn to enjoy life like she does while you soak in her aroma.

Perfumes and Zodiac signs: the Aquarius woman

Aquarius women stand out for their overflowing imagination and their love for originality, bordering on extravagance, but without ever leaving behind an impeccable style.

Their perfume will be intense, original and emphasizing their highly-valued freedom.

DIVAIN-580, Perfume similar to Creed for Her by Aventus

A fragrance that is only fitting for a woman with such a striking personality as an Aquarius: rebellious, passionate, unpredictable… very much a woman. It’s impossible for her to go unnoticed.  

Olfactive Family: Fruity Chypre Season: Summer Intensity: 2 Recommended Use: Daytime

DIVAIN-141, Perfume similar to Fame by Lady Gaga

A striking fragrance, almost extravagant: Perfect for the woman who hides an interior rich in nuances, full of talent and full of loyalty for the one who knows how to earn it.

Are we talking about you or about someone you know? Whoever it is, we’re talking about a textbook Aquarian.

Olfactive Family: Oriental Season: Autumn Intensity: 2 Recommended Use: Night-time

DIVAIN-578, Perfume similar to Yes I am by Cacharel

Although she may at first appear shy, an Aquarian is extremely creative and intuitive. Just like this perfume, she lets her charms be discovered little-by-little, so that the final result is irresistible.

Olfactive Family: Oriental Floral Season: Spring Intensity: 1 Recommended Use: Daytime

DIVAIN-592 Perfume similar to Women by Calvin Klein

With an interior so full of details, the essence that an Aquarius woman wears needs to live up to and reinforce the vital momentum of the woman who wears it. Therefore she needs to choose an aroma that is untameable and powerful, but always feminine.

Olfactive Family: Musk Floral Woody Season: Spring Intensity: 3 Recommended Use: Daytime


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