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4 ideal perfumes for the Cancer man

4 ideal perfumes for the Cancer man

Men born between 21 June and 22 July are ruled by the sign Cancer, and are characterized by their sensibility and good heart… and for their mood changes.

Introverted, but charming. Fun, but romantic. The Cancer man stores up contradictions inside him that make him as fascinating as the moon, his ruling planet.

Perfumes and Zodiac signs: the Cancer man

Like the crab that is the symbol of his sign, the Cancer man presents a hard shell that hides his sensitive interior, loyal and generous.

His priority is his home, a stable life marked by an unrestrained instinct to protect those he loves.

When stability is your priority, a Cancer man is the best option. But he will also make you laugh, guaranteed.

DIVAIN-207, Perfume similar to Eternity by Calvin Klein

A Cancer man respects universal values like love and family. That’s why he uses perfumes that, when you are by his side, make you feel like you have finally come home.

Olfactive Family: Fougère Season: Spring Intensity 2 Recommended Use: Daytime


It’s worth your trouble to invest time in cultivating the confidence of a Cancer, because he is a man from head to toe, with his virtues… and his faults. Look beyond his façade, penetrate to his interior and let yourself be intoxicated with the aroma of a real man.

Olfactive Family: Woody Chypre Season: Winter Intensity: 3 Recommended Use: Night-time

DIVAIN-278, Perfume similar to Pleasures for Men by Estée Lauder

When commitment seems like an unattainable value, a Cancer man gets involved and links himself to his loved ones passionately and without any tricks. Live moments of happiness, of optimism and of truth that will make you enjoy the perfume of a life shared.

Olfactive Family: Spicy Season: Spring Intensity: 2 Recommended Use: Daytime

DIVAIN-214, Perfume similar to Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf 

Although a Cancer man brings with him moments of bad moods, in the blink of an eye he can turn into the most tender of men. To neutralize those most complex moments, turn to a balanced and sensual perfume.

Olfactive Family: Woody Season: Winter Intensity: 2 Recommended Use: Night-time


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