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Where to buy tester perfumes

Tester Perfumes: Advantages and disadvantages of buying them

Those who recognise a good perfume know that a fragrance is good as soon it touches your body and leaves its mark. But not everyone can afford to buy an original perfume, since their market prices are usually relatively high, depending on the brand and its packaging.

In this article, we want to share with you an ideal new option to enjoy the scent of a good fragrance at a fairly affordable price and save some pennies. These are tester perfumes or sample perfumes.

Although many people are wary of these fragrances because they do not come in original packaging, the reality is that they are an excellent option when it comes to acquiring quality brand products for both men and women. Read on to find out what a tester perfume really is, its characteristics and the difference between testers and well known brands normal fragrances.

What is a Tester perfume?

The difference between a tester perfume and a regular perfume

Tester perfumes or sample perfumes are manufactured with the intention of being used in perfume shops to provide customers with a sample of the fragrance and persuade or seduce them into buying their products.

These bottles contain 100% original perfume that can are presented in different formats such as EDT (Eau de Toilette) or EDP (Eau De Parfum). Their main difference from the original products is their presentation.  When it comes to sample perfumes, manufacturers spend less on packaging, so the price of the big brands products varies considerably.

Testers are manufactured for all kinds of men's and women's brands, including the most prestigious ones, such as: Carolina Herrera, Coco Channel, Paco Rabane, Calvin Klein, Jean Paul Gaultier or Christian Dior. You can find them in a perfume shop or shopping centres as testers to try in eau de perfume or eau de toilette format and also for sale.

Advantages and disadvantages of Tester perfume

  • The actual liquid in the testers is exactly the same as that contained in the original fragrances for men or women. You can use testers with the same confidence as your normal perfume, and enjoy a long lasting scent. The best way to maintain your fragrances is to keep them in a cool and moisture-free environment.
  • Its price is relatively cheaper than a normal perfume allowing you to save considerably. Ultimately, it is what is inside the bottle that matters most and really makes the difference. 
  • Buying testers is the best option to take your favourite new original fragrance anywhere. You can keep it perfectly in your bag or backpack due to its smaller size.
  • The only disadvantage is that you will not be able to enjoy its scent for long, since testers are smaller than the usual perfume bottles. You will have to run to the shop again to buy another one before long.

Differences between a Testers and normal fragrances

The difference between a tester perfume and a regular perfume

To clarify more about tester perfumes, we tell you what distinguishes them from normal perfumes.

  • They usually appear in the shop with a label that identifies it as a "tester" or "sample".
  • Tester perfumes are presented differently, generally without information or brand. They usually come in a white or brown cardboard box.
  • The price of these products, however, is much cheaper than the original bottles.

Where can they be found?

You can buy tester perfumes for men and women from the brand of your choice. You can buy them in perfumeries, pharmacies and chemists and in shops and outlets in shopping centres around the world. You will even find certain shops that offer some of the best known fragrances and brands for men and women at very low prices.

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