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Best tips on how to trim your beard properly

How to trim your beard - Tips and advice to avoid mistakes

Sooner or later an odd hair always stars to grow, spoiling the shape and look that you liked so much and that your Barber had achieved with some careful grooming. Why is it this seems to happen at the wrong time, just when you have an important meeting or social event?

It is at times like these that the best way to get your style and beard length back in shape and redefine your hair line is to learn some trimming and grooming techniques yourself, so that you know how to trim or shave your beard at home quickly and effectively. There are various techniques and we will tell you which are the best as well as some basic tips on how to trim a beard step by step to keep your look at it's best every day.

How to trim a Beard - Best tips

If you don't have much practice with scissors or a razor, we recommend that you read our full guide. You may learn some very useful techniques to help you when it comes to trimming and grooming your beard at home to get your best look, saving you both time and money.


Using scissors to trim facial hair style is a technique that seems very simple, but it still requires some practice. Remember if you do it calmly and carefully you will always get a better look. All you need to trim your beard is a mirror, some scissors and a comb.
The first step is to wash your beard with a shampoo. It is better if it is free of dirt and well hydrated before you begin to style your hair. You could use a beard oil or other products to help detangle it more easily. Dry it well before getting down to work.
The second step is to comb your beard. Comb your facial hair to remove any knots and then you can start trimming. Use the comb to cut any protruding hair, it will serve as a guide and prevent you from cutting too much hair rom your beard.

How to trim your beard at home for a unique styleShaver

The electric razor is the most recommended technique for bushy beard with any length. Again wash and dry your beard hair well before beginning. Start to shave at the sides of your beard, the neck line and then continue to the center of your face and trim your moustache to keep your style in check. You should run the razor in the same direction as the facial hairline.
We recommend that you set the level of the shaver to a higher number. This way you can go over it again with a lower number until you have your style at the desired length. Remember it is better trim your beard and moustache in a downward motion.

How often to trim your beard

Trimming your beard to keep it in line will depend on how quickly it grows and this varies for each person. It also depends on the length and styles. As a guide if you wear your beard short or not. Short styles tend to need more trimming to keep a neat line. On average your beard will need to be done every month.

Techniques to trim the beard neckline and mistakes to avoidOther tips on how to trim

Regardless of the technique you use to trim your beard, you can take advantage of the following tips to help make it easier.
  • When shaving, it is better to use a shaving gel instead of traditional foam. This way you will be able to see exactly where you should place the blade or razor.
  • If you need to remove your beard or shave your neckline, lift your head and start at the bottom of the neck, stretching the skin well.
  • If you have difficulty seeing the hairs that stick out, you can make it easier by trimming with a comb and even a ruler if necessary! They are ideal for measuring your beard and moustache and getting professional shapes on all styles of beard.
  • Do not forget to apply a lotion or other special products for the care of your beard after shaving that will help to hydrate and refresh the skin.
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