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How to remove gel nail polish step by step

How to remove gel nails at home step by step

Gel nails are ideal to keep your nails looking perfect and in good health for a long time. The only downside to this type of manicure and nail polish is that it's removal is quite difficult , as well as this, not removing it properly can lead to infections, nail loss and even permanent damage.

If you follow a series of simple steps however, you will be able to take care of the removal of the gel polish and the nail at home yourself without going to beauty salons. You can save both time and money on your removal! Here's how to remove a semi -permanent gel nail manicure. Take note!

Steps to remove permanent nail polish

How to remove semi - permanent gel nail polish and materials you needBefore starting you will need to gather a few materials. You can find these easily at home or buy in them in any supermarket, beauty supplier or pharmacy: pure acetone, aluminum foil, a hard file, petroleum jelly, cotton wool and moisturiser.
Don't forget that patience is essential when removing your gel nails manicure. To get the best results, don't rush!

Step One: Make the enamel Porous

As the polish is well sealed it can be difficult for it to be diluted with acetone, unlike traditional nail polish.
Simply use a hard file and rub it gently on the nail surface until the top coat of gel polish is removed with the file but without using too much force. Feel the nail to make sure the polish is rough and porous. This will improve the nails absorption capacity.

Step Two: Protect Cuticles and Skin

As you will see in the following steps, acetone is an essential product for removing a gel manicure. This is why it is important to protect the health of the cuticle and surrounding skin.
Best beauty tips include applying a little petroleum jelly or cuticle oil to those areas and it will act as a protective layer. You can also use orange sticks to displace the cuticle to maximise the health and beauty of your nail.

Step to remove your semi - permanent gel nail manicure in your own homeThird step: Apply acetone

You will need strong, pure acetone to remove the gel nails. Get some cotton balls soaked in nail polish remover and gently place them on your nails. Try as much as possible not to touch your skin. Remember that it is not advisable to overuse the nail polish remover, as it can weaken your nails.

Step Four: Roll your fingers in aluminum foil
Although in the first step we improve the porosity of the nail, to improve the results use aluminum foil. Roll it around your fingertips without removing the cotton wool which you should soak in the remover. It is our best tip to avoid evaporation and improve the effect.
This constant, close contact will definitely soften the gel. In terms of time, it will take about 15 minutes to complete this simple step. Although it may be that some polishes need a little more time.

Fifth Step: Remove the gel

Remove the aluminum foil and the cotton. You will see how the gel will have already detached itself. If there is any remainder you can use another piece of cotton with acetone again to rub it gently.

H3 Sixth and last step: Hydrate the nails well

Being exposed to semi permanent gel and then to pure acetone, it is very important to hydrate the nails well after the process. In fact, your nails are most likely more sensitive. We advise you to apply some nourishing oil to prevent them from becoming dry and damaged.

Finally, you should take the utmost care when performing each step to remove the gel. Remember that it is not advisable to breathe acetone directly and that this process should be done with time and in a well-ventilated place in your home.
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