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We tell you how many calories an apple has according to its variety

How many calories are there in an Apple?

People who follow a healthy lifestyle have heard and used the well known phrase: "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." This wonderful, healthy and vitamin packed fruit has a number of health benefits in terms of nutrition.
Not only is it a food rich in fibre, which promotes healthy digestion, it also has a large amount of vitamins and minerals with a relatively low calorie value.

If you have recently started a new diet or are thinking about weight loss and are wondering how many calories an apple has whether or not you should include in your diet or not, this article will help keep you informed. We tell you about the different varieties of apple and the vitamin and nutrition content of this healthy fruit.

How many calories does an apple have?

Find out how many calories an apple has and if this fruit is fattening or notIf you are following a strict diet and are looking for foods that will allow you to continue on your fat burning and weight loss journey, you will be happy to know that a medium sized apple has approximately 72 calories.

We should also mention that every 100g of apple contains approximately 45 calories. Apples are not only low in fat, they are high fibre, nutrients and are a source of natural sugar.

There are a great variety of apples and ways to include them in your diet on a daily basis. Depending whether you like eating your apples in their raw form or cooked, you can gain more or less health benefits from this delicious fruit.

Red Apples

Red apples are well known throughout the world as they are traded in many countries, despite them costing more than other species.

Red apples are not only excellent for the immune system with their high vitamin content, but they are also the ideal snack since 84% of the weight of a medium apple is said to be water. This means it will help with weight loss as it will keep you fuller for longer whilst eating a lower calorie diet.

Yellow Apples

All apples have a similar calorie content, however this can vary slightly when cooked or combined with another food. Cooking apples taste much better after baking and generally reduce their weight due to water loss as well as lowering the calories very slightly.

If you are looking for nutrition from your apples then it is good to bear in mind that once any fruit or vegetable is cooked heat tends to break down some of its natural properties leading to a slight loss of vitamins and minerals as well as weight, water and natural sugar.

How many calories has each variety of apple that existsGreen Apples

Among the different varieties of this fruit the green apple, interestingly, is the variety with the least sugar. This means that green apples can taste a bit more acidic, but are excellent for diets and even diabetics.

This lack of sugar naturally implies fewer calories, without losing that characteristic satiating effect or loosing other benefits.

Whole foods are better

As already mentioned, the calorie content between most varieties of apple is similar however the benefits of eating an apple with or without it's skin can make a big difference to the nutritional value.

Interestingly, an apple's skin has a large amount of Ursolic acid, a compound that has anti-inflammatory properties. This can help strengthen the collagen in our skin and as well as strengthening our muscles.


Apples are a food rich in vitamin C, A and E, they are high in fibre, iron and can help regulate cholesterol levels. Due their water content apples satisfy the appetite without providing large amounts of calories or sugar, so there are plenty of good reasons to eat them.

Now you know a little more. make sure you don't forget them on your shopping list this week!




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