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Find out how many calories an orange and natural juice have

How many calories are there in an orange and orange juice?

Orange juice is one of the most consumed fruits during breakfast and this is thanks to its delicious taste and nutritional value. It is a good idea to find out how many calories are in an orange and a glass of orange juice if you are looking to have a healthy and balanced diet with good nutrition whilst watching your weight.

Sometimes, we start to wonder whether drinking a juice every day is good for our health and our diet or whether it helps or not when it comes to losing weight and managing our sugar intake. Whether you prefer to eat this food whole or squeezed, we will tell you how many calories there are in an orange and a glass of orange juice and all about its health benefits and the nutrition it provides.

How many calories are there in Oranges?

Discover the calories in an orange to know if this fruit makes you fatOranges are one of the most consumed fruits thanks to its antioxidant properties, health benefits and the satiating effect it leaves us with. In fact, many food experts recommend including it within the five fundamental pieces of fruits that must be consumed per day.

Being aware of how many calories are in this vitamin packed fruit of Asian origin, will be useful when keeping track of the carbohydrates and sugar that you consume each day to maintain good health, a balanced diet and control of your weight. It is also important to note that the calorie intake of a peeled orange is not the same as a when the food is juiced. For the latter, the amount of calories it contains will depend on how many squeezed Oranges you need to make the juice.

Let's get to the important part: an orange of 100 grams will only provide you 46 Kcal on average, which makes it one of the fruits lowest in calories.

Calories in a glass of natural orange juice

If you prefer to have this fruit squeezed, you should know that the calories in the juice will vary depending on the amount and size of the oranges you use. For example, if you use 3 medium oranges to make a glass of natural juice, you will consume around 140 calories.

If you are looking for weight loss and to calories control then it is best to enjoy this fruit in its natural state instead of in a juice or other recipes.

Benefits, properties and calories of orangeAre oranges fattening?

The answer is no. In 100 grams of orange are approximately only 20 grams of Sugars. If you are juicing these super tasty citrus fruits then half a litre would be equivalent to approximately 45 grams of sugar.

Fruit such as Oranges lack fat and therefore are not fattening.

Although it all depends on the way you prepare the fruit or the toppings you use in your recipes. If you eat a dehydrated orange, for example, the calorie intake will skyrocket and in every 100 grams there will be at least 300 Kcal and more than 60 grams of sugar. So it is best that you opt for its most natural or squeezed version if you want to eat it in the healthiest way possible.

Properties and health benefits of orange

In addition to its health benefits and antioxidant properties that help our body, Oranges are rich in vitamins and minerals.

It is a food rich in fibre, calcium, folic acid and potassium, ideal for preventing cardiovascular diseases, improving intestinal transit, controlling cholesterol and strengthening bones, organs and muscles, among other properties.

As we are sure everyone is aware, oranges are rich in vitamin C which helps the body produce collagen, strengthen the immune system, delay macular degeneration, facilitate iron absorption and regulate blood pressure.

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