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the best cleansing makeup removers for your skin

The 4 Best Make-up Removers for your Skin

No matter how many creams and beauty products you use on your skin, if you don't cleanse it thoroughly after wearing makeup, they won't do you any good. That's just the way it is. Cleansing our skin and removing makeup correctly is much more important than we realise.

Since we want you to be full of beauty and radiance, resembling a porcelain doll, today we have a review of the 4 best makeup remover products on the market that will get rid of everything from pollution to waterproof mascara and eye makeup.

Types of makeup removers

Pollution and dirt in the environment, as well as makeup, represent a layer of dirt on our skin that we must ensure we wipe away thoroughly every day.

We recommend you try double cleansing. First remove your makeup with a make-up remover (a cleansing milk or an oil-based one) and then remove any remaining dirt with another (usually water-based) cleanser.

Let's see what types of make-up removers exist and when it is best to use each one:

How to get clean skin that is free of makeupMICELLAR WATER

Micellar water is today's best makeup remover. Make sure you have this on your dressing table. We can use it for 2 reasons.

Either first to clean away makeup, or use it after you have removed makeup, (with another of the products that we will see below), and thus use the micellar water to ensure that you have a thorough cleanse. White cotton never lies and this cleansing water is gentle on your skin whilst tough on waterproof makeups.

Micellar water is also an excellent way to tone our skin once finished with your cleanser.


Cleansing milk is also a great make-up remover if you have dry or sensitive skin. Because it is much softer and lighter than other products and it allows skin to breathe whilst use this cleanser.

You can apply it with a cotton pad or directly with your hands. We recommend that you rinse your face afterwards.


The new innovations of our century have not left the world of cosmetics and beauty behind. Proof of this is this makeup remover which combines the best of makeup removers with aqueous and oily compounds.

It is ideal for removing waterproof makeup or for removing more stubborn products such as mascara or lipstick.

For the best result shake it well before use.


Oil based make-up removers have a double function, whilst removing make-up they condition the skin. How? Melting makeup, trapping impurities from the pores and leaving the surface of the skin completely clean, hydrated and super smooth. You know how smooth oil is, so imagine it on your skin, a great remover!

Which is the best makeup remover to cleanse your skin?

Now we have seen the different types of makeup remover, let's get down to the nitty gritty: which is the best makeup remover for your skin.

Ensure you use these products if you are looking for radiant and clean skinBI-FACIL DE LANCÔME

Bi-Facil by Lancôme specialises in the eye make-up removal. It offers incredible results since it removes even the most resistant mascara, and all in a gentle way taking care of your eyelashes or eyes.

Its formula is suitable for even the most sensitive eyes and you will feel it acts as a soft veil that removes makeup and dirt from your skin. This softness reminds us of one of the most emblematic perfumes of the brand, La Vie est Belle (DIVAIN-093).


This excellent, anti-pollution make-up remover from the French brand Chanel is one of the best on the market. It even removes make-up with a long-lasting formula and cleanses the skin wiping away all impurities and polluting particles.

All this of without it altering the natural balance of your skin, which makes it ideal and gentle for all skin types, from oily to the most sensitive..

It leaves skin silky and bright. Silky and bright is also the scent of the legendary and mythical Chanel Nº5 (DIVAIN-106).


If you want to show off skin as sublime as that worn by actress Charlize Theron in the emblematic advertising campaign for the perfume J’Adore by Dior (DIVAIN-063), you should take care of your skin and pamper it with products as effective as this one.

This cleanser removes even the smallest trace of makeup and leaves you feeling fresh with supple skin.As well as this it also smooths and tones The result? A sensation of comfort and cleanliness in your own skin, ideal to rest after an intense day of work.


This makeup remover has a foaming formula that deeply cleanses and tones the skin taking away any dirt. It also contains micro particles and enzymes that exfoliate it, thus eliminating dead cells and toxins from the skin.

This 3 in 1 will make your complexion cleaner, brighter and silkier than ever. This exquisite brand makes only the best. Always seek excellence in their beauty and perfume collections, as is the case of the Red Door perfume (DIVAIN-545).

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